Road warrior

What a weird week, temperatures have changed wildly, with some rain and what we call in the northeast as a dusting. They say in New England you have three seasons fall winter and road construction well I hope that's true. Some of these pothole's could swallow an elephant with enough room after for my Jeep. Seriously, I have one on my road that I'm thinking of turning into a swimming pool. That having been said these are some tough tires while I may try to avoid them with all my might sometimes you still hit one. These tires have taken these potholes better than my vehicle has, deep ruts, even those nasty ones with all the edges (no really! Had to get out and check after that one) Abe keeps telling me these tires are here for the long haul and I couldn't be happier. So folks till next time keep driving my friends.  

Still looking great!


Freezing rain


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