Ready to Roll

We got our new tires in a few weeks ago-and not a moment too soon, I might add!  Nokian WR G3.  We wanted all weather tires this time around because I gotta be honest, I'm terrible at changing them out for the winter.  These are great because they can be driven in all weather conditions-and we do seem to get them all here-but they are rated for winter conditions.  So, I think they're pretty perfect for what we need!

The old tires were to the point that I thought they might fall off if we put any more miles on them.  After they were put on, the drive was noticably smoother.  So, we decided to break them in with a good long road trip to Madison, Wisconsin a couple weeks ago.  Paul drove around 800 miles that week with good road conditions.  The drive was smooth and the tires did their job.  He got home safely and all is well.