Rain, Rain, Go Away!

It's been raining quite a bit.  I'm not really complaining...or am I?  After 2 record breaking winters (the first for snow and the second for cold) we're due some milder weather this year.  So, I am loving the warmer temperatures.  But, with warmer temperatures come rain when you would have otherwise had snow.  It's definitely a nice change!  I don't really like to drive in the rain, but I was curious how the WRG3's would feel in the really big storm we had a couple days ago-and I had to be somewhere.  I expected the tires to perform well-why wouldn't they? They've exceeded my expectations so far-but I didn't expect them to make my drive feel like the road wasn't even wet.  I was surprised to feel the grip of the tires and a similar ride as I would enjoy on a dry surface.  These tires win again!  They really are "all weather"!