Putting a new spin on winter tires !

As the saying goes '' you can't reinvent the wheel" ,However nobody said "you can't reinvent the Snow tire" !

This is exactly what Nokian has continued to do! I've driven on numerous snow tires but out of all of them Nokian has continued to bring new tire technology to light. Most individuals I know base tire choices on pure visual appeal, This can be important like the aspects of Siping in a snow tire but what about the hidden formula inside ? rubber type and overall composition are things that usually aren't given much thought, That's what the HAKKA R2's are "pure thought and technology".

The funny thing is there are quite a few people I talk to that still haven't heard of Nokian Tyres ! This also depends on what part of the country your in of course. I Hope the Nokian Marketing Dept is listening.

I try to talk about these tires whenever the opportunity arises. Why should something this good be kept a secret? These tires should be standard equipment in northern climates, yes they are that good!

After Monday Our weather looks to be quiet but no shortage in cold with our high on Monday around -10.  Thanks for reading!

Till next time keep your tires on the ice and the firewood burning!