Polar vortices

These past few weeks have been frigid. The ice never seems to really thaw out and there is always a bit of something on the roads somewhere. We have had a little bit of snow, but nothing too intense since I could last write. These last few weeks have been crazy for me, with taking my boards and traveling all over my area trying to deliver resumes and such now that I have a license to practice as a physical therapist assistant.

The tires and my car have really had their work cut out for them. I have put on quite a few miles them both with all the running around I have done. I have done driving on mountains, back roads, main streets and highways to get to all the places that I have had to go and the tires really held thier own. I got into and out of parking spaces I probably would never have attempted otherwise.I drove some roads that I would normally avoid during winter with complete success. The tires seem to be taking all the salt and frigid temperatures well as without any signs of trouble.

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