Pickin' Punkins...

"Parking is on the hill" he shouted as he pointed to the freshly cut pasture across the street.

What stood between a parking spot and the car was a recently flooded field stream and the tiretracks of other vehicles that had crossed it last weekend. I was reminded by the lady of the house not to trash her car. It had been taken to the car wash recently.

I inched the car slowly down into the massive rut. We sank. I continued on without fear. The nose of the Pilot was now rising as we came to the crest of the other side of the washed out stream. We stopped and spinning ensued. We slid sideways. The kids loved the fact that their father got them stuck. A retreat was in order. Backwards we went and a quick drop into "D" was coupled with a stomp on the gas. As the front wheels turned, we were met with mud flying up the side of our windows. AWD and the WRG3 SUV were a perfect match as we made it to dry ground.

Our adventure resulted in a side trip on the way home...the car wash.

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