Over the River, Through the Woods, and the Snow, and . . .

It was Saturday, the 21st of February 2015. There was snow in the forecast, but not until the afternoon, and I had plenty of time to get to my desintation before the snow arrived — if it was going to arrive at all. I mean, seriously, it'll only be a few inches, how bad could it be? From our destination, I caught glimpse of the first snow flakes falling. It's fine, I thought.

Two hours later, I left to go back home prepared to endure what normally would be a one hour drive. And that would have been the case, had, you know, the highways been visible. 84, 91, 15 -- all routes were covered in blankets of snow, complete with over zealous drivers and entirely overhwelmined drivers. Both extremes. Hurray for me!

My journey took me through several slick spots, up and down several hills. I passed by cars literally parked in the roads with their hazards on, completely stranded by the slippery terrain. Did you catch that? I drove right by them. When I felt my Jeep go through a slick spot, my tires held the road and maintained control. It was wonderful. Sure, it took me over two hours to drive 60 miles. It was a long drive. But it could have been far worse. Having a Jeep is wonderful, but a vehicle is only as good as the tires it hits the pavement with.

Getting home felt pretty wonderful that day.

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