Our Spain Test Center is taking shape. See it for yourself!

Nokian Tyres' Spain Test Center is in its final year of construction, and things are looking better than ever. The facility south of Madrid continues to take shape as crews work on its tracks and a state-of-the-art education center. The test center represents a major step forward for the company when it comes to all-season innovation.

The Spain Test Center will have nearly a dozen tracks built to test Nokian Tyres' all-season and all-weather products. That includes tires designated for production at our new North American Factory, which means the test facility will be a key trigger for innovation when it comes to products crafted for the North American market.

The longest track at the world-class complex is a 7-kilometer-long oval track that circles the area. It has banked curves which were carefully crafted by a German company that specializes in constructing tracks like these.