Our journey begins...

The smell of new tires in the garage is a good thing.

I did not attempt to make a statement about anything when I purchased the Prius. It is simple transportation that is relatively comfortable and gets good gas mileage. I commute 50 miles a day (roundtrip). My commute should be the highway. To often than not, I am driven off the motorway due to accidents, traffic, or my desire to change things up and see a bit of the countryside.

My twelve year old son asked me how I was going to write about tires? He implied that since they were "just" tires, I wouldn't have much to share. I shared with him that I could write a page just on the turn signal. I explained that after driving to work day in and day out, I probably would be ideal person to write about my tires. I am on them 5+ hours a week right?

I have made some observations about the WRG3 after two weeks. Here is something to ponder - what is the purpose of this tire? I find myself asking myself this question again and again. Is it an all season? A snow tire? A performance snow tire? Your assignment is to read Nokian's adverts and read my next entry.

"She drove a pick-up truck Painted green and blue The tires were wearing thin She turned a mile or two"

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