Oh sh*t! Not this time though. Nice try.

Boy was I upset. I had backed my little Subaru into a tight spot at the CVS. After shopping I

drove away forgetting about the close curb on the right side of my vehicle. The good mood I

was in was brought to an instant stop. I clipped the curb and I mean hard with my right rear

tire. I sat and cursed a minute at my stupidity then finally went outside  to check on the

damage. There was a scrape but that was it. My worst fear would have been a sidewall

bubble but there was none. I double and triple checked. The point is that I have heard

that Nokian has soft sidewalls to to the winter compounds in the rubber but not soft enough

to be damaged  by the hard impact from the belgium block. Good job again Nokian on

my WRG3's. I wont be doing that again. Lesson learned. Bye for now.

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