November Gales

Well with a mild Fall on hand we finally managed to get a little snow since October

. Last year at this time we had nearly 50" for the season. We are well behind average for snowfall to date but many aren't complaining. I dont mind the Snow ! , when you have a set of hakkapeliitta R2 tires you dont have to worry.

This is my 3rd season blogging on these great tires, they've gotten me through the thick and thin.

Thursday night we had rain change to snow, it fell heavy at times but temps hovered around freezing and with the roads being warmer it didnt stick right away. Regardless the temps dropped to the lower 20's and froze the remaining snow and moisture on the roads.

These tires have great qualities that many people will appreciate, including low rolling resistance, superior ice traction and braking with excellent lateral traction to boot.

I can't imagine someday when Nokian comes out with a new studless tire. They really have the experience with snow tire manufacturing and development.

Hopefully we will start getting our normal weather back but with the strong EL NINO in place we can only guess.

till next time keep that firewood burning and those tires on the ice.


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