Nokian WRG3 SUV tire. Final thoughts from 2014-2015 31,000 miles on tire

I drove 31,000 miles on this tire.  from October of 2014-October-2015.


1) Tread wear was excellent with 7-8/32nds still left on the tire.

2) Snow performance was excellent.  I drove through one of the worst winters in memory in New England.

3) Handling is excellent.  Definitely a high performance tire


1) A bit loud.  Tires hum and drone

2) Ice performance was not much better than other all seasons I have had.  Mediocre at best.  I slid sideways while stopped at a stop sign once.  Slid into the other lane of oncoming traffic on black ice once, thankfully, no traffic was coming. 

3) Fuel efficiency was less than original equipment Bridgestone dueler by about .5 mpg overall but defintiely improved as the tire wore. 

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