Nokian ! the no flat spot tire

Well this morning graced us with temperatures as cold as -31 F . Being a heavy Equipment mechanic this means job security. As a yooper you just have to fight the cold with a nice warm Chuke and a pair of choppers.

I have a engine heater for my Diesel Jetta so there was no issues starting up. once on the road I noticed how smooth and quiet the tires were on the snow covered back roads as well as the mostly dry main roads. Although flats spots aren't as common anymore it still occurs on some tires.

Our H2 has has BFG all terrain tires that develop flats spots around -15.

I wish Nokian made a 315/70/17. The Hakka R2's have been smooth at all temps, it really proves the quality and engineering in these tires for cold climates.

We have some light snow in the forecast but nothing to impressive right now.


Till next time keep your tires on the ice and the firewood burning!

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