Nokian made my car a Subaru!

I bought my Outback last summer based on safety, and Subaru’s legendary all-wheel drive system. Even though central Indiana may not see several feet of snow we do get ice, sleet and snow in strange and dangerous combinations. I purchased the Outback knowing that we were starting a family and I wanted to make sure everyone stayed safe in the winter.

When winter came I thought I had made the wrong choice! The car still had the stock Continental tires and they did way too much slipping and sliding. I was sure that the Subaru reputation was over-hyped. The car rode rough and felt squishy.

After having the WRG3’s installed the car instantly changed into a different machine! The rough ride is gone and the Outback has a “firm” ride now. I don’t mean that in a harsh way, it’s a good thing. On the Continentals the car seemed to wiggle and wobble, with Nokian Tyres that is gone and the car feels firm and steady.

I can’t wait for snow to see how these tires handle, because on dry roads and I more than impressed.