New tyres, new year

After anxiously waiting for the new tyres to arrive, I had them  mounted, balanced and back on the road. Thing is, I've not been lucky enough to be where there is any snow. My home town was lacking enough snow to even stick on the streets so I took a trip to Chicago in search of the white fluffy stuff. Again, no luck in finding the white stuff . I got a good feel for the new treads on the dry and nearly freezing wet roads. I turned the wheel, they turned the car, I slowed down a bit for turns , they steered nicely around them. No hesitation, no drama. The tyres worked just as they were designed to work. THe newly installed Nokians were quiet, much more so than the worn M-Pilot tires I took off.    I even tried doing a couple snow dances to enhance the likelihood of it snowing. (Before I retired, my snow dances usually made it snow, contrary to the wishes of my not so friendly co-workers.)   Even my snow  dances didn't work.  I stay up late at night thinking of how my Audi will handle a foot or two of new powder with the new tyres in the high country mountains of Colorado. I'll have to bide my time until  next month when I get back to the cabin and the snowy weather at the  8000 ft  elevation.  Meanwhile I'll have to be content on my honeymoon in Hawaii and the wait for the chance to give the tyres a proper workout and evuluation.