Musings of wanderlust

Another 200+ miles this in some widely different weather conditions. From hot to cold to rain and rain, it's been one crazy week. Had to drive to and from Boston a few times and I can say these tires have held up. So far to date no loss of traction, no slippage and great stabilty and handling. I can honestly say Nokian tires has won me over as a customer. These tires have taken everything I've thrown at them and over these last few months that has been everything. Despite all the miles and adverse conditions, these tires have not only met but exceded my expectations. Where I would slide before is now smooth stabile performance. High speed or low speed, these tires have always stopped me on time. I can't help but tell anyone that needs tires about my experience. Abe tells me these tires and I still have a way to go so folks till next time keep driving my friends.


Just like the set of some horror movie
Just a cloudy and rainy week


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