Mounting my R2 SUV

Last week we had in New Brunswick Canada, a couple snow storms. The first one caught us off guard. I went immediately next morning to mount my Hakkapeliitta R2 SUV tires. I was really looking forward to this; the rewarding feeling of driving through any type of winter affected road with no problem. Roads were clear that morning, but 

the mechanic's driveway covered with about 15 centimetres of snow gave my summer tires a hard time to get through

. The Toyota AWD RAV4 felt kind of useless. But, once the R2s were put on, the SUV drove out perfectly safe. The tires breaking through the snow reminded me that incredible Hakka feeling. Now we are prepared for any whether severity throughout the season. This will be the 2nd winter for this tire set, the tread looks pretty much new.