Mounted and Balanced

I had the dealer mount and balance my WRG3's this week plus an alignment. I had to educate the service techs and advisors on Nokian because they never heard of them but they saw the quality of the tire regardless. I really tested them good as I took a trip to Baltimore, MD which is 250 miles from my house. 500 roundtrip. Goes to show you that you cant believe everything that you read meaning a few people said there was a loss in MPG with the WRG3's. . Untrue for my experience. I had the same 28-29 MPG from the worn out all seasons. They were quiet and a nice smooth ride. But the best thing was the piece of mind I had as regards to safety on the road. Not that 500 miles would put a dent in the wear but they did not at all. I could not be happier. Bye for now.

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