Mixed driving conditions for the Hakka R2

We went from -27 to +59 in 4 days, Our robust start to Winter in early November quickly diminished by early February.

We continued in a cold dry pattern till 9 days ago when the weather quickly turned above average .

The main roads cleared up quickly but the back roads i travel on remained icy for some time. I drove through some deep ponding water 4 days ago and the Hakka R2 tires worked hard to resist the hydroplaning. These tires also grip well in muddy conditions and keep the tread clear very well.  I'm impressed with these tires and would recommend them to everyone looking for a studless snow tire that has a low rolling resistance and quiet ride.

I'm hoping we go back to a active weather pattern soon. This warm dry trend is boring and I sure miss driving on icy snow covered roads. The Hakka R2's make winter driving enjoyable. Hopefully I'll have some better conditions to report on next week.

till next time keep your tires on the ice and the firewood burning

Northern Marquette County 3/18/15​
Northern Marquette county,Mi  3/18/15​
The hakka R2 on some spring Ice​