Quest across the frozen tundra

Well, the cold turned my parking lot into an iceskating rink, snow has piled up like mini Everests. So upon closer reading on the information on my tires these are designed specifically for the north american winters including a freeze thaw cycle that creates frozen rivers of even main roads. Thankfully , these tires have what it takes to get me across the frozen tundra to work. Normaly, I would throw a harness on my trusty black lab sled dog (Max) and embark on my quest for nurishment, but with these Nokian tires Max can nap in the heated back seat while I shop. I tried to do the penny test but it froze to my finger so decided against that. What I can say is these tires sure beat traveling by sled dog and handle ice better too. Specifically designed with north american winters in mind you say? I must admit that claim raised an eyebrow at first, but now all I can say bring it on you Mars, Nacido, and any other unworldy storm you want my Nokian tires and I will take all comers (with Max as my copilot) Well folks till next time keep driving my friends.

Beginning of Mars
Wintry mix