March in the Lake Superior region

We have had a mild winter overall but it still looks like winter in the Northwoods.

Last few mornings were -19 -17 -7 F so not warm for many. Our snow has settled to a compact 24" and typically is 36" or more this time of year. Our back roads are still ice and snow covered. I travel these back roads daily 6 days a week and can attest to the excellent traction capabilities of the Hakka R2. These tires shine through and through in all aspects. The biggest complaint I have lately is slush traction has diminished a bit and that could be the fact they are 3 years old? Even so they still Excel above the competition in that area. This will be my last year on the tires as I will be selling the Test car by summer. I'd also like to mention the quiet ride of these tires is great, they are the smoothest tires and compare to many touring tires for ride quality.


I'll leave you with some pictures over the last week.


Till next time keep that firewood burning and your tires on the Ice!

A recent light snowfall with unplowed roads
Balto lives for the sub zero weather, he also enjoys safe rides on Nokian tires!
Grand marais,Mi last year. More of a normal winter
300" of snow is a good year


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