Many Miles, Long Drives, and Awesome Tires!

So, we stared an adventure at the end of February.  We sold our Michigan home, had one last snow storm on our way out.  Our WRG3's had a lovely goodbye to the snow on our way out of town. Over the course of the next few days we drove about 1300 miles to get to Texas.  Our tires cut through the bouts of rain we had on the way with no problem.  There was no slipping or skidding.  And the storms were pretty bad.  The kind you grip the steering wheel and sweat all the way to the hotel room and arrive with a headache.  But, thanks to our awesome tires all went well.  We spent a few weeks in Texas where our tires became aquainted with the heat and some more rain.  They handled everything well.  I don't really notice any difference in the drive on snow, rain, heat, or cold.  They truly live up to their All Weather title.

After Texas, we took them another 1200 miles to Florida.  I'm loving the sunshine and warmth, while my people back in Michigan are still shoveling snow.  The tires are, of course, doing great here as well.  They have exceeded my expectations.  But, now it is time to say goodbye.  We are selling the car and preparing to board a ship to continue our adventure in Europe for the next year.  I know whoever buys the car will be just as pleased as I am about these lovely tires!