Loving my TYRES!

Living in northern Vermont I've had the opportunity to try out my new tyres on a variety of different road types and conditions-  and I couldn't be more pleased!    I drive approximately 60 miles a day-  dropping my son off to daycare, running errands around town, and on the highway to work about 25 miles from my home.   We have had snow, sleet, rain, as well as dry conditions so far this winter-  and in all of these conditions the tires have handled really well.    please keep in mind- I'm not a professional and don't know all of the fancy terms!   But-  here's a little feedback about my unstudded winter tires.   I noticed when stopping on dry roads there is a 'shhhhhhh' sound-  not loud, and not alarming-  just different than I've experienced with other tires.  When driving in snow covered roads-  I've experienced absolutely no sliding or swaying of the vehicle when I've seen others slip sliding away.   So far- I am really loving these tires!

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