Looking at the past and into the future

Hopefully yesterday was winter's last gasp. The highways were backed up, so I had to take to the back roads to get to work. The half inch of frozen muck was actually one of the more treacherous obstacles faced this winter. I found myself on an unimproved road that had not seen a plow. I never worried. There are things that are worth spending extra money on. Some years ago, we bought a snow blower. As a kid growing up, if I saw someone using one it was almost always an Ariens. They were all old and beat up. As I found myself in the market for a snow blower, I began to ask owners how they felt about them. Every person swore that Ariens was the best.

"I have had it for 35 years"

"I got it when my Dad passed.."

"You can't go wrong buying one"

I bought one.

Ten plus years later, it fires up on the first pull. These Nokians are like my snowblower. Can you buy something cheaper? Sure. Will they fail you? Who knows. I bought the Ariens because I would need it to work at the worst possible time. Isn't that what a good snow tire is supposed to do?

I figured it out. I could have gone with a cheaper set for 100-200 bucks less. The confidence the WRG3s give me are worth much more.

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