Long Trip Success

This weekend we checked the air in the tires, packed up the car, grabbed the baby and headed to Milwaukee, WI! The in-laws had not seen Greyson since he was about 2 weeks old, so 5 months later we decided we should make the trip. It's right at 250 miles from our driveway to theirs, nearly all interstate and Chicago Toll Roads. 

The weather conditions were dry, big surprise for this particular winter season! But this trip had some very powerful winds the whole way. The great thing about having these tires for a long trip is the comfortable ride. Not all of I-65 is smooth, so it's nice to have good rubber to help smooth out the bumps and the potholes.

One thing I did notice is at higher interstate speeds I could really hear the tires. I could hear more wind noise too, so I'm guessing that the issue is more of a lack of sound proofing in the car than excessive tire noise.

By the time we got home we had clocked over 550 safe, uneventful miles on the road. I appreciate Nokian Tyres keeping me and my family safe this winter.