Less Stress

I have been driving on my new Hakkapeliitta tires for a couple of weeks now. The conditions here in the interior of Alaska can change day to day. In these last weeks we have seen freezing rain and then snow, lots of snow. The temperatures have varied widely from the low 40's above zero to the high 30's below zero. These changing temperatures create a bit of a challenge for safe driving and the auto insurance providers make their appropriate adjustments for residents here. Unfortunately it is not in the form of lower premiums.

I have found that I am not nearly as challenged as other drivers I see on the road. These more challenged drivers are the ones I am now stuck behind or passing when a safe opportunity presents itself. My truck has handled the different conditions with a confidence that actually makes me smile. I wonder why the driver in front of me is so slow. The white knuckle drive on polished ice roads is a thing of the past and I stress much less while driving.