Special Guests Test Tires, Bask in Finnish Warmth in the Frigid Arctic

The harsh, soul-stinging Arctic winter forges a rugged spirit in the people of Finland. Their hearts are as hearty and warm as their beloved reindeer, which outnumber humans in the Finnish Lapland.

If conditions shape culture, there aren’t many tougher people on the planet than those who brave the Scandinavian cold. And we like to think there aren’t many tougher tires, either.

That’s why we took a pilgrimage last month to Helsinki and our test facility in Ivalo, nearly 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle. We brought along a group of journalists and social media influencers who were interested in understanding how the Scandinavian lifestyle influences our company and its products.

We test more than 20,000 tires each year in Ivalo, subjecting them to rigorous scrutiny on three-dozen-or-so ice and snow tracks. Our guests got their chance to try our products, whizzing around frozen lakes and traversing snow-packed country roads.

In between the driving fun, they also dove into an icy lake…


It was -23°C the night that we went ice swimming. My hands and feet froze to the ladder as I made my way into the pitch black water below. I'd been waiting for this moment the entire trip. Not because I have some strange love for cold water. I don't. 🥶 But as usual, my curiosity got the best of me! People in Finland swear that regular cold water swimming increases both life expectancy and overall quality of life. It's also supposed to give you a pretty nice endorphin high. Turns out, that's true - you just have to wait for the initial panic to pass! 😜 - Thanks @nokiantyresna for putting together such an awesome adventure to the arctic circle. #itsabeautifuljourney #ad - Photos: @everchanginghorizon

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…captained dog sleds…

…and got to know the region’s most famous residents.

Our guests left Finland inspired by the beauty of Arctic winter and impressed with the tires built to withstand it. Here’s a compelling video that captures the spirit of their beautiful journey.


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