It's a hopeful journey

The beauty of our greatest journeys often lies in their unpredictability. For many of us, the sweetest memories come from the moments when the path ahead was dark, and we had to rely on our inner strength to guide us to our destinations.

Right now, the journey doesn’t feel very beautiful for most of us. The destination looks as uncertain as ever. At the moment, unpredictability feels like an obstacle, not an asset. That means it’s time for each of us to rely on that inner strength more than ever.

We’re a company that helps its drivers find peace of mind in all conditions, and our passion for that pursuit isn’t going anywhere – it’s our strength, our identity, our purpose. The second part of that mission – “all conditions” – is something we take seriously. Our tires aren’t just made for when the road is smooth and clear – they’re made to withstand the extremes. And right now, things are pretty extreme for all of us.

Life and work look a little different for all of us right now. But amidst the sacrifices we’re all making, we’re holding on to a sense of hope. Hope that the clouds will part. That light will eventually creep back over the horizon. That the path will become clearer, and the journey will get more beautiful.

And when it does, we’ll all be stronger for it.