Into the spring I go with the WRG3s

My mind is made up. They are staying on the Prius.

I was up in the air in regards to keeping the WRG3s on the car for the warmer months. Part of me wants to yank them off for the warm months. I guess that would extend the wintry goodness I have experienced since November for a few years. Snow melt (yes we have that now!) running across the highway entrance ramp gave me some second thoughts. I pointed the car into the corner in a state of urgency and hoped for the best. In the past, my tires would cling yet ultimately lose the battle and give (I admit it's a bit fun when this happens). The WRG3s do not lose it, nor do they howl like dogs as I experienced in the past. I truly feel I am not "giving up" anything by keeping these tires on. The tread wear has been good so far.

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