Inspiring Confidence and Safety after Every Curve

Since my last blog on fuel economy we’ve had some winter
Conditions return.  This has allowed some
Break in miles on the tires and it really shows in the siping.

The siping and tread have become more pliable which really Adds grip
Between these tires and the road. Even at 8 degrees F These tires are still soft, (amazing).

I have to honestly say I’m very impressed with how these
Hakka R2’s handle packed snow and ice conditions.

Yesterday evening we decided to head into town 20+ miles
Away. We had packed snow and ice on the first 7 miles of our journey.

As I mentioned before this road is hazardous in the winter, the
Tires handled so well as if we were on dry roads. The many curves, both up and
Down hill seemed like nothing for these tires. The braking and steering is
Simply amazing, the way they handle curves when you really push into the turns
Is outstanding.

I’ve shown these tires to many people and they all are
Impressed with the feel and appearance and they all comment how serious the
Siping looks.

After driving on these tires you’ll never want sanded or
Salted roads just so you can smile around every curve knowing you have the best
Traction available.

Once the snow starts accumulating more I’ll be testing deep
Snow traction so please watch for my next blog coming soon!