In South Florida for the Snowpocalypse

The big east coast storm missed Vermont entirely. Not that it mattered as I was in South Florida for the weekend and driving a rear wheel drive Dodge Challenger. It was fun to get the rear tires to spin in the wet. But I couldn’t help but think that a set of Nokian Z lines would have made it hook up a lot better than the crappy all season Michelins.

American Muscle with all season tires. Bad combo in the wet.

Meanwhile, I got a text from my sister who lives in DC. She drove to Bryce Virginia ski area on Friday afternoon at the start of the storm and truly appreciated her WRG3s.

Front wheel drive VW GTI with WRG3s.

Perhaps when the next storm hits, it will hit Vermont, I will be there, and then it will be my turn to drive in a blizzard.


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