ICY Roads vs. Hakkapeliitta R2

icy parking lot at work

It sure has been a mild November for us. It seems we are lucky when we get a 1" of snowfall here and there this month.

Yesterday we had mid 30's in the afternoon then moderate snow followed by a flash freeze in the mid 20's.

there was accidents everywhere on the afternoon commute home. I will say the R2 tires pulled through again for me.

The Ice traction and braking is great on ice.

 Sure you can break traction on glare ice but it takes a potentially scary senario and turns it into a situation where your in control of your vehicle.

Some snow is in the forecast but looks like the heavy snow will fall south of us and we will be left with some Lake effect snow.

Stay tuned for more testing from the North country, Until next time Keep that firewood burning and your tires on the Ice.

ice doesn't stop these tires. Even the sharp gravel in the tread which is common hasn't caused a puncture.
The Roads were not safe to pull over so my roads at work will have to demonstrate the icy cover on the roads.


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