Icemud the new black ice

Like a fresh powedered doughnut the snow has come and gone, leaving us with something called icemud. Icemud is a uniquely slick patch that is frozen mud, that when you try to gain traction will peel layers off keeping you in one place. I've discovered that if you let the tire sit for a second will let the tire gain the traction you need.  Thankfully, I've only had a handfull of run-ins with this stuff, these tires have been fantastic making traveling in even the brunt of the storm possible, I even managed to drive a coworker home mid storm with no issues. So far these tires have done everything I needed them to and more. With these tires I know that me, my family, and my coworkers will be safe even in the most inclement weather. Abe tells me that despite all this there is still more to come. I don't always travel in cars but when I do they have Nokian Tires. Till next time folks stay driving my friends.

Sun after the storm
Peace after Jonas