Ice, Ice and more Ice.

This is my third winter here in the interior of Alaska. I thought I had an idea of what winter throws at this place but was I surprised. We had several days in the 30's and the 40's above zero when it is more typical to be 10 to 20 below zero. Of course we had rain. For a couple of days it was strongly suggested by local authorities that people should avoid travel that was not necessary. I worked from home one day but had to go in to my office after that. What do you know, 4 wheel drive and a set of Hakka's on my truck and no problems handling the ice. Not really a surprise I suppose. After I reached my office I called home to tell my wife that she could easily handle the roads in her little Subaru (Hakka's there too). So I had one day at home and that was nice. Now I suppose I can't justify staying home if the roads are bad, my tires are just too good.

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