how to beat winters grip

That's a simple answer , First dress warm , and two compliment your vehicle with the best traction available in the North Country. Let me introduce you to the most versatile Winter studless tire available , the Hakkapeliitta R2.

This tire has been through 71 days below zero , nearly 150" of snow, and temps as cold as -30's since November.

These tires have earned there place in the north central U.P. winter. If you haven't decided on tires for next winter you should keep these number 1 on the list.

The grip is phenomenal which equals safety in your overall driving experience . Many people forget about braking, these tire will stop your vehicle in a hurry so much as putting a smile on your face every time.

I will try to make a braking video before the end of the season.


Till next time Keep your tires on the ice and the firewood burning !