How our new all-season tire fueled safety -- and success -- in 2021

We may have invented the winter tire, but these days we're known for a lot more than that.

Meet the Nokian Tyres One, an all-season tire for passenger vehicles that took the tire market by storm in 2021 -- and helped drivers stay safe even on the roughest roads. Sales of the tire surpassed our projections, as dealers and drivers realized there was a tire that balanced safety, durability, performance and sustainability.

The Nokian Tyres One, our new all-season passenger tire

When we launched the Nokian Tyres One in January, people immediately took notice -- this wasn't a tire to be trifled with. Car & Driver seized on its 80,000-mile warranty. Forbes Wheels wrote about its unprecedented Pothole Protection program. And tire dealers were fired up, too -- Plaza Tire President Mark Rhodes told us what he liked about the tire, and why he believed drivers would benefit from it.

And why will drivers benefit? 

The Nokian Tyres One comes with a Pothole Protection program that guarantees an automatic replacement* in the rare event that a road hazard wins a battle with it. For the first time, we've infused puncture-resistant Aramid fibers into the sidewalls of a passenger tire to protect against blowouts from common road dangers.'s Matthew Guy is eager to see the tire put to work. 

"Nokian, a tire company with roots in Finland, is known by most for its tremendous and very capable line of winter tires. Now the brand is seeking to gain a bigger toehold in the North American all-season market — and it’s hoping a gold-plated warranty will turn some heads," Guy writes for

Dealers across North America eagerly sold this tire to their customers -- after all, we produced it exclusively for drivers in the U.S. and Canada, and it's tailored to tackle the rough roads common on the continent. And we heard positive feedback from some of those drivers, who have given the tire a perfect five-star rating on our website

The Nokian Tyres One hails from Nokian Tyres' North American production factory in Dayton, Tennessee, as well as our other global factories. Its hybrid of comfort and toughness makes it an ideal fit for safety-driven drivers, and we're excited to continue keeping those drivers safe for thousands of miles to come.

*Terms and conditions apply

The Nokian Tyres One was a big driver of drivers' safety -- and our success -- in 2021