Holidays like Hakkadays

The Holiday season weather could have been called Hakkaday season weather. We started out with a good old fashioned ice storm. Followed by extremely cold temperatures that made for very icy road conditions. I was amazed at my ability to slow down and stop on ice. With other tires, my wheels would lock up or the ABS would kick in just as I got to the stop line at an intersection. With the new Hakkapeliitta R2, my truck stopped easily without sliding.

The icy road conditions continued but as the temperature rose and fluctuated, we received a good amount of wind which blew around the snow we had gotten. The road conditions changed again and turned into a salty, briney, mix of slush, on black ice. Seemingly there are no conditions that these tires can't handle. I was impressed again at how I was able to navigate the local roadways which were in horrible condition. The Hakkas proved to be everything they are designed to be. They are the best winter tyres I have ever had the pleasure to ride on.