High winds send us home.

I have been skiing all of my life and I cannot remember getting to the ski hill and then getting sent home without skiing. That very thing happened this weekend at Sugarbush. In their defense, they remained "open" with at least one double chair running. However, we had with us three adults and five children ages ten and under. We three adults did not feel like it would be a good idea to tow two five year olds through winds harsh enough to close most of the chairlifts. So we left Sugarbush and headed to Mad River Glen to pick up ski passes. The day would not be a total loss because on the way home, we got to take the Appalachian Gap. The Ap Gap is possibly the most fun stretch of road in Vermont. Steep and twisting and turning is the mountain pass. Most of it was encased in ice and as you know already, we had very high winds. I could feel the wind trying to push us around. The Hakkapeliitta R2 SUV tires performed perfectly the entire trip. For the first time descending the top of the Ap Gap (which is very steep) I felt safe on my tires.

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