Before you leave town, follow these ten rules of tire safety

Tires seem pretty simple, right? They're inflatable circular tubes of rubber that propel your car along the road. When you're ready to take a road trip -- enter your favorite routes at for a chance to win free tires between June 28 and July 23, 2021 -- you just give 'em a kick to make sure they aren't flat.

But every time we hit the road, we trust those tires with our lives. So even though tires seem straightforward, it's vital for us to fully understand them. And when you really think about it, tires do come with some tough questions. Which tires are right for you? How can you take care of them? What are some pitfalls to avoid when choosing which tires to buy?

We're here with the answers! Nokian Tyres is pleased to introduce the Ten Rules of Tires -- a list of core principles every driver should know before they turn the ignition or walk inside a tire shop. If you read each of these entries, we think you'll be equipped to tackle your journeys with peace of mind.

Rule No. 1: Purchase tires that suit your climate

Even the best set of tires could be the wrong choice for where you live. Our first rule explores the different types of tires that are available to you -- and which set you should choose based on the weather you normally experience.

Rule No. 2: High-quality tires are worth the investment

The tire shop is one place where price should NOT be your top priority. There are a number of other factors that make high-quality tires worth your money -- and could actually help save you money in the long run.

Rule No. 3: Tires can be sustainable without sacrificing safety

Having high-quality tires isn't just about safety; good tires can also help you minimize your environmental footprint. 

Rule No. 4: Tires are only as safe as their maintenance

Even the best tires depend on you. Keep them up to speed and you'll have a better chance of staying safe on the road.

Rule No. 5: Winter tires don't belong on spring and summer roads

The qualities that keep you safe on snow and ice actually make winter tires a bad fit once the weather warms. Fortunately, there are alternative driving solutions that are crafted to keep you safe.

Rule No. 6: Much of a tire's quality is determined before it ever touches the road

Want to know what you'll get out of your tires? Pay close attention to what goes in them.

Rule No. 7: When you're choosing tires, trust the experts

Tire dealers work hard to keep you safe on the road. Here's why you should trust their expertise when you're in the tire shop -- and here's what they'll tell you about Nokian Tyres.

Rule No. 8: Make sure your tires fit your vehicle

The right-sized tires are more likely to provide you with safety, fuel efficiency and comfort. Here's how to make sure you've got the right fit.

Rule No. 9: Put stock in the features that actually matter

There are a lot of things to consider when you're choosing a set of tires. Which features should drive your purchase, and which are overrated?

Rule No. 10: Treat road trips differently than the daily commute

Road trips place extra demands on your tires. Here's how to increase the chances of a safe, enjoyable journey.