Hakkapeliitta R2 review after 550" of snowfall

Well this is my 3rd winter on these great tires and they are still going strong!  They have nearly 20k miles on them and over 550" of snowfall under their belt. The wear has been quite even and I also rotate them accordingly.  I'm really glad I've got to Test these tires they are amazing . The way they handle corners and the conditions I go through "daily" would amaze most people . I never hesitate to recommend them to others I know and meet. They really shine on snow packed roads and have excellent lateral traction in corners. They can struggle at times in deep slush but I haven't seen a tire that hasn't.  Our winter has been mild this year but it's been cold enough to keep all the snow and recently its been getting below zero and that's where many tires fail!  , These don't harden in the cold like all season tires , they simply grip !

Well till next time keep those tires on the ice and the firewood burning!