Hakka R2 test drive Video , now You can be the passenger!

Hello Everyone,

After 40"+ we're still below average on snowfall, however cold has not been a shortage. Our avg temps for December so far is 18 for a high and 1 for a low. Our snow cover has been established since the 22nd of November.

The tires continue to impress me daily. If you live in a northern climate these are the ticket to safety. It may be a initial cost to purchase snow tires but can you put a price on safety?after all who wants to get pulled out of the ditch or shoveling your vehicle out if you don't have to?

Why not have the best studless snow tires available for winter and some low rolling resistance summer tires for the off season.
Look at it this way , you can have the best traction for every season and both sets will last twice as long.

I should be reporting on fuel mileage again next week and it looks like we have more snow on the way this week. I've choosen to write less on the blog this week and let the Video do the talking. Please sit back and enjoy the ride!

For the test drive Click here http://youtu.be/JaoxKKjgm8UTill next time Keep your tires on the ice and the firewood burning!