Hakka 5 or Hakka R2 ???

With reluctance I pulled a new set of Hakka 5s off my Subaru in early January and installed the R2 to test drive.  The Hakka 5s were/are fantastic and I didn't think they could be beat.  In about 90% of the situations I have encountered in the Subaru, the R2s are every bit as sticky and on hard packed snow and dry pavement they are significantly better.  We have had an unusual winter in Fairbanks with warm weather, some melts and even rain in January.  This has made the roads a mix of ice, broken hardpack that causes a lot of chatter that pushes cars around,  and very slick intersections due to condensing exhaust from idling cars.  On the polished ice there is nothing like a Hakka stud but the R2 has utterly predictable control.  On my all wheel drive car the R2 offers superb confidence... and they are fun.

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