Going Green: Our North American factory just achieved a big sustainability milestone

Nokian Tyres is passionate about the planet, and people are noticing. We've been named one of the most sustainable publicly traded companies in the world multiple years in a row. And now, our factory in Dayton, Tennessee has achieved a big new milestone that shows how we're doubling down on our green mission.

We're proud to announce that our North American factory has received LEED v4 Silver certification

Our Dayton, Tennessee factory is one of the most sustainable tire production facilities in the industry

How did we get there? By building a world-class, energy-efficient facility designed to craft high-quality tires in an environment that protects and empowers employees. 

Here are some of the elements that helped us achieve this gratifying designation:

Renewable energy generated by solar panels on the property

Solar panels above our parking lot produce 4,000 megawatt hours of energy each year, enough to fully power our sparkling new adminstration building and provide energy for production, as well. 

Our solar panels produce enough energy to power the equivalent of 500 homes annually

Efficient water and waste management systems

Water consumption at the facility is more than 35 percent below the baseline for a factory like ours, thanks to water-efficient fixtures. Recycling stations are located throughout the facility, and we are implementing a program to recycle all waste from production.

Innovation in design

We received recognition for "exemplary performance" with regard to the design of the property, which reduced concrete-covered areas and prized green spaces.

A two-acre greenspace greets employees when they arrive at work each day

Electric vehicle charging stations in the parking lot

We've set aside 5 percent of our parking spaces for low-emitting vehicles and added charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles. We want to reward employees who apply their own passion for sustainability where the rubber meets the road.

Electric vehicle charging stations empower employees who drive energy-efficient vehicles

Energy efficiency throughout the facility

The production facility uses 25 percent less energy than the LEED baseline, thanks to highly automated processes and rigorous monitoring.

What does this mean?

You may not see the LEED emblem on your tires, but our passion for sustainability carries over to your experience on the road. We lowered the rolling resistance of our tires by an average of 8 percent since 2013, meaning better gas mileage and lower emisisons for vehicles that drive Nokian Tyres products. Our tires don't contain harmful high-aromatic oils. And we believe that happy employees make high-quality tires; as they benefit from a safe, sustainable work environment, we think you'll benefit from their eager craftsmanship.

We're proud of this achievement and eager to continue growing -- sustainably, of course -- in North America. Here's an infographic that highlights some other great things happening at our North American factory.

Here's an infographic that details the accomplishments in year one of production at our North American factory