Floating to a Galaxy near you

Well folks still no snow but you may have guessed it more rain. Seems here in Rhode Island we have plenty of two things, rain and potholes. This weeks adventure brought me  to the mall to see the new StarWars and spoiler alert these tires got me there. Despite water that went over my windshield, getting cut off and having to fight for parking at the mall all went according to plan. Did notice a little bit of sliding but it was on a slanted surface that had been painted and was wet, and even then only a Slight tug sideways.  I personally blame the paint though, beyond that these tires have held up great despite pot holes large enough to hide a spaceship in, or was that a giant worms mouth? I havent had a chance to have my ever present tire checker Abe a chance to look at it, since well you know, monsoon season and all. Well folks till next time...

Rainy days


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