Flat tire, flat tyre

I get a call from my wife that the front right tire is flat. We call AAA and they came to her aid to remove the wheel and install the spare. She only traveled a few hundred yards on the flat tire, but usually that is enough to destroy one. Not the Hakkapeliitta R2. The tire held up fine and was able to be repaired. The tech at my local Vianor store let me know that there was a puncture in the tire from a screw or a nail and he was able to plug the tire and put it back on our truck. I am happy to report that the tire travels as good as new. On our way back from Sugarbush on a mountain pass called the Appalachian Gap, I hit a frost heave in the road that was like a foot deep concrete ditch going across the road. Luckily, the tires withstood the impact and we made it home safely. Once again, I am impressed with the durability of these tires.