First Impression

The anticipation was finally over last Friday as I walked out my front door, "Awesome, they're here !" I thought

as the Fed Ex man sped away I had seen he had made my weekend by delivering my Nokian WRG3's.

I grabbed them up and brought into the garage for a thorough inspection. It was like Christmas morning as I

unwrapped  the packaging. They were so shiny, new, and beautiful. I have never ran any kind of Nokian tires before.

Always had Bridgestone Blizzaks which seem to last me only 1 season before the grip, tread depth, and performance  

was noticably diminished. "Not this year", I said to myself as the WRG3's have a 55,000 mile treadwear warranty.

The rubber was high quality and the tread depth very deep at 12 mm which almost no all-season tires comes with that

much. But remember this tire is not all-season it is all-weather and comes with the mountain snowflake symbol

stamped on its sidewall indicating suitable for winter conditions. I used to travel to Montreal alot and in Canada it is

the law that snow tires must be used in winter and WRG3's are only all-weather tires that are allowed which are not

dedicated. That says alot right there. Next comes mounting. So stay tuned and I'll be back in a week. Bye for now.

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