First Few Weeks with the new Hakkapeliita Tires

I had my new Hakkapeliitta tires put on two days after Thanksgiving. Now from my experience in the past, winter tires tend to be knobby and an obvious change from my high performance summer tires. But let me tell you, from my drive home from the tire shop I could tell that these were different winter tires. Last winter I had Generals put on my WRX which were typical of winter tires with increased body roll in the turns and just not as sharp with maneuvering. Not for these Hakkapeliittas, I could hardly even tell that they were all that different from my high performance summer tires. So far I have been very impressed with the handling and feel of the new tires. Now all I am waiting for is some snow so we can really put these tires to the test with their capability.

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