First day with Nokian WR G3SUV tires 2014 Toyota Highlander

I fell in love with them instantly.  They look great.  All shiny and new with a nice tread pattern and deep tread depth.  The car seemed to be standing a bit higher as the sidewalls for the Nokian WR G3 SUV were apparently stiffer then my squishy Bridgestone Dueler 422 Ecopias.  The stiffness of the tread was different than the Nokian Hakka R2 SUV tires I had last year, but not as stiff as an all season tread compound.  I could push the tread by the sipes a little easier than an all season but not as easily as I did on the Nokian Hakka R2.  They drove great and I can see they are high performance.  They were reasonably quiet.  Maybe not as quiet as the previous Hakka R2 tires I had.  The WR G3 seemed a little noisier at slower speeds but by highway driving speeds the noise seemed to disapate.  Nothing that would turn me off.  I will report back on road noise as I have a good month or two before the snow and ice starts here in RI, I think!