Finally the Winter nasties have arrived

After more than 330 days without more than 1 inch of snow, Chicago FINALLY has gotten some weather nasty enough to try out the new Tyres!

 It only took a honeymoon trip to Hawaii to allow the snow/winter weather demons to show their stuff at home. It has been sleeting here off and on most of the time since midday. It also has been raining and snowing during the same time period. Makes for nice Hakkapellittaaa driiivvviinnnng!

  I got out earlier to do some grocery shopping and to try out the wicked looking Hakapellittatyres on the streets of Chicago. And try them out I did.

  After clearing the windows of accumulated ice and such, I ventured out to have some fun. I was going to slip and slide with the locals and see what the new skins were capable of. Much to my dismay I couldn't get sideways of crooked without really trying . I know the quattro system is good in all traction or traction challenged situations after having done a half dozen winters with the car with only all season tyres. Until I got these winter tires, I didn't put much thought in having or needing winter tires. After this season I don't think I'll be without dedicated winter tyres when the months turn to winter fun.

  The Hakkapelita tyres have given me a new twist to winter and  have brought many smiles to my face and gasps to onlookers and passengers alike. Winter driving in the funky stuff is fun for those of us "lucky" enough to enjoy what Winter has to dish up.

 The new Nokian tyres really stick to the road. I had to try harder than usual to break them loose. It wasn't nearly as easy to get the car squirelly even going around corners. They didn't want me to act a fool as I am used to doing in the slick stuff. They didn't want me to lose control of the car , or have very much fun at all. They wouldn't let the car get outta control unless I really pushed the issue. Power slides were not impossible to do, they just took more effort to accomplish than before. Four wheel drifts were not nearly as easy as I had been used to . Don't get me wrong here. These things are still possible, they just take more attention to making them happen . When they Do happen the tyres make it FAR easier to get control back than I could have imagined. In other words, I could get crazy, have some fun with the tyres in the nasties. It just took a more input from me to make the car do it. And when I did get crooked, sideways and smiley faced, it was much easier to get back in control of things. None of the "Oh boy now I've done it' and expletives deleted of past times.

 These tyres worked as advertized. The rainy stuff seemed to not bother them a bit. The gagillion sipes worked to shed all the wet stuff. The multi black stuff compounds and tread types worked just as well. The snowy bit was no match either. The sleet wasn't even a fair challenge. The tyres worked even better than I thought they would.  I can't wait to venture back out tomorrow after the day's accumulated snow/sleet/rain all freezes. It's gonna be a fun winter for me.

 Next trip is back to Missouri ( Snow??) then to the cabin @ 8000 feet and to enjoy all that next month has to throw my way.  Then to Breckenridge to try the slopes ...Gotta venture back across the 400 LONG miles of Kansas to get home which  can be something else for me to blog about. 

  My impression of the tyres so far is ;

  Quiet on the open road in mixed wet/dry/ freezy weather                            

  Quite predictable on the slushy/sleety/snowy/rainy stuff


  They inspire a new confidence and give Winter a new meaning  ...





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