I have finally got this to work!  I have to say these are the best winter tires I have ever had.  These tires handle any winter weather Mother Nature throws at them.  This winter has been crazy here in Vermont.  I drive at least 100 miles per day and haven't been in any conditions these tires could not handle - unplowed roads, slush, ice, packed snow, steep roads.  For a studded tire the noise is minimal if you can even notice any.  There have been multiple cars off of the road every storm we have had this year.  These tires provide the confidence and peace of mind so I know I can get to where I'm going.  On our last trip to Jay Peak last week we actually passed cars that could not make it up the steep and curvy mountain roads to the resort.  And then on our way back down we had cars spinning and sliding in front of us...thankfully we have these amazing tires and our car travelled up and down like it was on rails.  I will try to get some pictures during our next storm!